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About us

Gracias Medicine is a place where people can discover their true selves. A place with all kinds of facilities to de-stress. Everything is focused on healing and and coming home to yourself. In our large villa with beautiful garden we offer treatments and plant based medicine that will help you transform your life. There we will also look at what you need to grow and heal.


We work with plant medicine like, Bufo Alvarius, Kambo and Psylohuasca. While you’re staying at our retreat we will offer various treatments and activities like: Access bars for energetic healing, Falun gong(Chinese motion meditation), Enneagram coaching, personal interview and creative activities.


Our professional and dedicated team are always ready for you. We are fully committed to provide you with the best possible guidance. In your journey we will feel how we can support and guide you through a successful transformation, you will go home like a different person.


Gracias Medicina a home for everyone- Safe, Trustworthy & Discreet.


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